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Hereby you receive all the information you need to make your city game a success!


This game does not contain a fixed 'walking route'. You and your team will perform missions during this game, including GPS missions. Our tip is to determine when you perform each mission, this will prevent you from having to go back and forth in the city!

Also please note a jury will judge your submissions after the game. 



Help! The mayor has gone crazy and has turned the center of town into a maze! It's up to you to find the right exit. But the mayor isn't making it easy for you. He has invented riddles that can only be solved through teamwork. Can your team escape from the Maze? Your goal during the game is to find the right exit from The Maze. Use the city map for this.

You can find this map in the Maze App! Each solved riddle brings you closer to the correct exit… There are also points to be scored during the game. Can you achieve the high score?



  • The Maze is most fun to play in teams of up to 5 people. Play in 1 team or put together multiple teams.

  • The Maze has no fixed start time, you can decide yourself when you start the game.

  • The game can start on any point in the center of the city where you will gather and start. 

  • Do you play in multiple teams? Discuss an end point(location) and end time where you will meet after the game. Tip:  We recommend a playing time of 2 hours.



You've completed the game and won when you find the right exit from The Maze. Do you play in multiple teams and have you all found the right exit? Then the team with the most points wins!




  • Download the app 'Goosechase' from the app store on your Android or IOS phone.

  • Register yourself after installation or log in as a guest user. Make sure your GPS function is turned on.

  • Find your game by entering the correct Game Code in the app. YOUR CODE IS: GDVERQ

  • Create a team. Save the access code for other team members (they need it to join the team, for example with another phone).

  • You can start playing right away! Complete the missions, solve the riddles and complete the game. Agree an end time and end point with your group.

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